The Wonders of Spring

I wrote a post in late December where I tried to say that I found no useful meaning in the end of a linear calendar year, and the subsequent ‘beginning’ of another. I then proceeded to write word upon word espousing the opposite of that sentiment. The bug has struck again to write about the season. I love Spring. Or, whatever it is that constitutes Spring in Northern California. March and April are my favorite time of the year. The sun returns from wherever it goes during the baseball off-season. The days become longer and the chill and cold begins to subside. Smiles return. Everyone seems to collectively stretch and re-group from the dark embrace of winter. There is glee in the air upon the return of life. Even the explosive growth of weeds is greeted with profound joy. There will never be any site as beautiful to these blue eyes than an Oak tree in full bloom.

We don’t really have four distinct seasons. We know what Summer is. That on is hard to deny. The heat is so unbearable, so constant, and so intrusive that you become delirious; Convinced that the world couldn’t possibly rebound from such torturous conditions. It’s Biblical in nature and duration. There are plenty of masochists out there who swear by it. Many of us cope with it.

Summer is what we are. We are defined by it. Fall is given to us not by nature but though advertising and the God damned deplorable Pumpkin Spice Latte. Winter is short and forgiving compared to other regions. Yet, we are not folk who take kindly to the darkness, or shoes, or pants, or long sleeves. We soak up the cold. Store it in our bones. Feel it in our lungs. Try desperately to summons it through will and magic in July and August.

But Spring. Oh, how wonderful is Spring. On occasion we are not blessed with more than a few weeks of Spring. I get the feeling that this year will be different. We will have a Spring and it will be glorious. Even typing ‘Spring’ fills me with happiness.

I love the sound that ball and bat make from the parks nearby. I relish the sound of cheers from stands filled with overworked, underpaid, and stressed out parents. I love to see families riding their bikes and walking their dogs. I love windows down in the car, and open all night in the house.

This is when we grow. At the end of the year we reflect on the past and plan for the future. In the Spring we implement. We take action. We plant and take root. Harvests do not come when fields are not nurtured.

9 thoughts on “The Wonders of Spring

  1. There is something so enjoyable about the change of season. I told Mrs C Thursday night that I love the advent of winter, of spring, of summer, of fall, and am so ready for the end of each by the end of each.

    I’m ready for spring.

    I’m done with winter.

    I’m not ready for summer.

    159 days until football. Okay, I’m ready for that. 😉

    Happy Spring Day to you, my friend; I look forward to deck beers with you soon! 🍻

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  2. We do have four distinct seasons here and though I’m not much of a winter fan, I guess I’m defined by it too, molded by cold feet and toes, woolen scarves and caps, snowball fights, sledges, snowmen and snowdrops, which you have to google now since it’s a characteristically European flower appearing at the end of winter. You see it one day and smile, though it’s freezing cold outside and winter is nowhere close, because it implies the coming of spring and warmer days ahead.
    I am the fall person. I love all the shades of yellow, rustling leaves, the wind and rain.

    Very nice post, Dylan. Made me smile. I needed this today.

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  3. I am a Canadian, so I have had my share of all 4 seasons. It’s hard for
    me to imagine it any other way. The change of season always seems like a new beginning, and I think my fave is summer changing to autumn. The colours are so vibrant, and it is the most beautiful time of the year. But, I really could do with some heat…bring on the summer!!! 😎

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  4. Dylan, this made me so incredibly happy!!!! I was already starting to dread summer, but now I am stopping to take the breath of Spring. This is a beautiful post and a beautiful way for you to return. Happy Spring to you!!!!!

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