November marks the five year anniversary of starting this blog. It has been over four years since I’ve posted.

A lot has happened since then.

Personally I’ve:

Ended two unhealthy relationships and found the right one.

I left a job that wasn’t for me and found a career that is challenging and rewarding. I also get to work side by side with one of my best pals.

I got the cancer. I was lucky enough to be in the care of skilled and compassionate doctors and nurses and their support staff who fixed me.

In the world we’ve seen:

The rise of Right Wing extremism. The cultification (it’s my blog, I can make up words) of an utterly horse-shit ‘ideology.’

A global pandemic.

There’s more, obviously, but you’re a person too, and you’ve lived through the same stuff, so, you know, just think back on the past few years and add some bullet points.

Speaking of bullets, we have a problem with people killing other people in large quantities ALL THE TIME.

Clearly I haven’t figured out how not to rely on run-on sentences.

I’ve lost a coherent narrative quicker than I expected.


I would like to engage more with writing. I do not know how that will manifest. Which, ironically, is the only consistent theme in my desire to write.

All of the things mentioned above deserve their own deep-dive.

I’m going to add some “blog post planning / brainstorming” to my morning routine and see if anything comes of it.

If you’ve spent any time reading this I’m sorry, but I’m also thankful for your attention and time. I will try to make it worth the effort in the future.

Please be kind and always work towards bettering yourself, your community, and the world around you.

Enjoy your Sunday.

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