About Me

Hi. I’m Dylan. I live in Redding, CA. I reside with my two best friends, Huck and Violet.

They are shitty roommates, really – no financial contributions; eat too much; walk around naked; chase the neighbors cat. They’re dogs. Weird, right? That I need to make that clear. Too easily you could have pegged them for 30-something hipsters; who spend their days trying to become Instagram influencers, and peddling unsolicited vegan-based life advice to all your Facebook friends.

Two full decades into the new millennium and we have, with astonishing vigor and efficiency, shat all over the promise and potential the internet age prematurely bequeathed us. Ironic, isn’t it? The same thumbs that catapulted us from the forest canopies are the same that that ‘liked’ and ‘posted’ and ‘clicked-here-to-acknowledge-that-I-have-read-and-agreed-to-the-terms-of-service’ us into dizzyingly complex techno-slavery.

I get a kick out of trying to make things funny that aren’t funny. If I can make a point worth sharing in that process, all the better.

I struggle with who I am; with what I’m supposed to be, and what I’m supposed to do.

I struggle with the desire/need to share thoughts and opinions with you versus the voices that shout to shut up, sit down, and stay out of the way.

I guess I’m hoping that whatever follows here answers (for me, selfishly) that lingering question of who/what I’m about.

Grab a beer. Come back from time to time and say hello. Let’s unpack some things and try and have a few laughs in the meantime.

Cheers –